Caring for sensitive and dry skin

The human skin is one of the largest organs of the human body. It is the protective barrier between the internal system of the human body and the hostile environment. The skin is a balanced system where diverse and active microbiota live in symbiotic relationships with skin host tissue.  The skin hosts about 200 gram microbiota on an adult person. (Human microbiome is the collective genome of indigenous microflora colonizing the whole body, including skin). The normal skin microbiome contributes to skin health by educating the immune system for recognizing commensal microflora and by preventing colonization by pathogens through secreting antimicrobial compounds and by creating unfavorable low-pH conditions.
Dry and sensitive skin is one of the most perceived skin problems in our population (Richters et al. 2015). These skin problems worsen with increasing age, possibly leading to serious inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis-like manifestations of the skin.  Care for prevention of dry and sensitive skin is of importance for maintaining quality of life for many people in our society. Some agricultural residues contain added valued components which can be used in cosmetic formulations for relieving dry and sensitive skin problems. The objective of this project, is feasibility study and network development for a major German-Dutch cooperation for developing new knowledge and new business within the domain of “caring and prevention of dry and sensitive skin”.

Radboud University Medical Centre (NL), Galactopharm (Sögel,DE) and Color&Brain (NL) cooperate together for research and development of a new series of effective cosmetic products. The aim is to assess efficacy and safety of the new ingredients and of the skin care products made with it. The results of this project are new tested synbiotic ingredients and new prototype cosmetic formulations with it.  With this project, project partners introduce new products and services for opening up new possibilities for future businesses and cutting edge research for alleviating every day  skin problems.


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