Human Skin revisited

The human skin is one of the largest organs of the human body. It is the protective barrier between the internal system of the human body and the hostile environment. The skin is a balanced system where diverse and active microbiota live in symbiotic relationships with skin host tissue.  The skin hosts about 200 gram microbiota on an adult person. (Human microbiome is the collective genome of indigenous microflora colonizing the whole body, including skin). The normal skin microbiome contributes to skin health by educating the immune system for recognizing commensal microflora and by preventing colonization by pathogens through secreting antimicrobial compounds and by creating unfavorable low-pH conditions.
Cosmetic and topical drugs have the ability to influence skin microbiota. Pre, pro and synbiotic strategies that selectively balance the skin microbiota present a novel approach for treating and maintaining skin health. Probiotics are viable microorganisms that beneficially affect microbiome, prebiotics are ingredients that stimulate growth of beneficial organisms and synbiotics are synergistic combinations of prebiotic and probiotics.

This GaLuBiome project aims to research and develop new pre, probiotic and postbiotic ingredients for supporting balanced skin microbiome. Pre, pro and postbiotic ingredients are from Lupin oligosaccharides and from fermented cheese whey (Sauermolke) respectively. Galactopharm (Sögel, DE), Radboud University Medical Centre (NL) and Color&Brain (NL) cooperate together for research and development of a new series of effective cosmetic products for the ZoiYTM natural cosmetics brand. The aim is to assess efficacy and safety of the new ingredients and of the skin care products made with it. The results of this project are new tested synbiotic ingredients and new prototype cosmetic formulations with it.  With this project, project partners introduce new products and services for opening up new possibilities for future businesses and cutting edge research for alleviating every day skin problems.


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